Why the fifteen millimetres still matters (to me)? 

Here I am, for over a week, in the city of Vulcan, in the Jiu Valley. I’m with my girlfriend, visiting her mom in a kind of ‘ritual’ that marks the end of our summer which was still full of activity.

Yes, for those who called us in this period, our phones were off.

Anyway, in all of this period of repose, different from the teacher activity I fully embraced the ‘creator mode’. I proudly admit that I had a full week of free photographic activity. One that I am able to sum it to a simple and very raw and, in the same time, funny happening.

I was photographing the communist concrete rondon from the Central Park, in Petrosani. I had my entire equipment around my tripod in the middle of the park, for about thirteen minutes. In all of this time I was documenting the quotidian activity of those who, by their simple presence in that given space, in a certain time, manipulated/’affected’ the state of the place using for their unconscious interaction with the space only their bodies.

Among ‘my subjects’ that I ‘stalked’ there was a pair of brothers, one was no more than 19 years, the elder one, and the second only about 2, the youngest. I wasn’t aware that as I watched them, they did the same, and in the moment that I started to get my stuff from around in my bag they approached me and the elder asked: ‘Sorry mister, I saw that you are a photographer, would you like to take a photo with me and my little brother?’. I was more than happy to immortalize the quotidian everyday walk of two, unknown to me, young brothers. So I grabbed my D90 body, and very spontaneous, and unconscious I mounted my 50mm ‘rag’, with f2.0 from Pentacon which always had the adaptor/conversion ring for Nikon. I made four shots with the brothers, very classy, ‘with the sun in the back of the photographer’. We’ve exchanged our Facebook accounts and I left. Simple as that.

But on my way, there was something that, in a way, worried me. An unconscious sensation that only later I understood. It was about the moment when I mounted my 50mm from Pentacon. A very interesting choice from all of my tools from the bag. I can’t even remember my settings though I was in Manual mode.

The fifteen millimetres lens which is, in fact, a 85mm (approx) with the cropping factor from/on my D90, was the first lens that I had, except the plastic kit thing (18 to 55mm). This lens is, for my, a very essential ‘tool’ within a young photographer can consolidate his knowledge in this visual art medium. Is not an eye view angle, but neither a zoomed view, even with the crop factor. Through this lens everything is very natural, everything is straight, without optical distortion. Even the blur behind or in front the focus point is natural at some given ‘f stops. 

Yes, is a very good lens, an essential one for beginners, but even a better one for pros, and even if I stopped using it, this lens still matters to me. 


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