Painting with Blue

This work is one of two body of sequences based on Dani Bocse’s idea of “Still the biggest lie ever!” which is a philosophical idea coagulated from texts and thoughts on photography as in “On photography” by Susan Sontag, and/or “Ways of seeing” by John Berger.

This first part of the two sequences is about “Painting with blue”, and the 2nd is about “Painting with red and yellow”, together is making the Romanian National Flag (which is Blue-Yellow-Red) and is developing and research on the dimension of ‘time’, or ‘times’ in photography.

Thinking at the idea that a photograph is not a still from life, but a synthetic coagulation of different combinations of time (with the shutter speeds) in bidimensional compositions.

7 color inkjet prints on 220g/m2 Kodak Professional Photopaper.